Company career
December, 1984Established JKC Corporation
19851985 Received purchasing order of refractory for cement kiln from Hyundai
Cement Co., Ltd., Korea
19861986 Received purchasing order of extruder for MMA Plant from Lucky Ltd.,
Received purchasing order of roll for H Beam Mill From Incheon Steel Co., Ltd., Korea
Started to import Lumber & Citric acid to modular-housing manufacturer
19871987 Received purchasing order of crank arm cutter from Doosan Heavy Industries& Construction Co., Ltd., Korea
Exported laser cutting machine to Korea
Started to export Refractories and hot stove valve for blast furnace to POSCO, Korea
Started to export Refractories to Doosan Heavy Industries& Construction Co., Ltd., Korea
19881988 Started to supply molybdenum electrode for melting crystal glass to HOYA corp.
Started to export Centrifugal separator
Started to supply bearing and tuyere nozzle to POSCO, Korea
The order of bearing is received from present age iron manufacture
Received the order of revamping heating furnace for H Beam
from Incheon Steel.
19891989 Supplied shape memory alloy for lungerie to Korea for 2 years
Started to supply lance nozzle for L.D. Converter and chromate acid to POSCO
Started to import continuous casting aluminum sheet from Korea
19901990 Started to supply break ring for horizontal continues casting machine to Seoul Steel Co., Ltd.
Started to supply roll to Incheon Steel Co., Ltd.
Contracted tuyere nozzle for a year with POSCO
Entered into the technical cooperation of anechoic room & reverberation room with Taiwanese company
Started to supply oxidizing tunica for cold rolling mill to POSCO
Kwangyang Works
19911991 Received purchasing order of Piller for aluminum shear line from China Steel Co., Ltd.
Received purchasing order Cold Aluminum Rolling Mill from Novelis Korea
1992Started to import MDF (wood) from Korea
The Taiwan office is founded.
1993Received purchasing order revamping project of middle rolling mill from Incheon Steel Co., Ltd.
Received purchasing order AFC of Aluminum Foil Mil from DAIHAN Enpakagy Ind. Co., Ltd.
Received tpurchasing order 110T/H Reheating Furnace from Incheon Steel Co., Ltd
1994Delivered Chromate Acid Agents to POSCO Kwangyang Works.
Started to import Graphite electrode for EAF from China.
Started to import Steel shot Ball from Korea.
1995Received purchasing order Roll Shop Plant form Hanbo Steel.
Received purchasing order 120 ton DC EAF from Incheon Steel Co., Ltd.
Received purchasing order NC Flame Cutting Machine form
Doosan Heavy Ind. & Construction Co., Ltd.
1996Received purchasing order large size Ingot Mould made by KOGI from
Doosan Heavy Ind. & Construction Co., Ltd.
Started to supply Kantoc Roll to Hanbo Steel.
Started to import ferroalloy, metal magnesium from China.
1997eceived purchasing order full automatic Scrap Charging Crane for
          from Incheon Steel Co., Ltd.
The order of two coal driers for coking plants (480t/day of capability) is received from POSCO.
1999Received purchasing order and imported Pipe Rack(about 809 ton) for Chubu Electric Power Hekinan thermal power plant from Korea.
2001Started to import and sales Iceless Broccoli from USA.
Started to import and sales Organic Lemon from USA first in Japan.
2002Established Joint Venture: TASK CORPORATION as sales company for Iceless Broccoli and Organic Lemon with Tokyo Toshima Seika and others.
2006The order of Large-reduction gears is received from POSCO(P2H)
2008The order of Roll Heater of TMEIC is received from
Doosan heavy industry
2009The order of a South Korean-made storage pipe lid
is received from IHI
Start a supply of the Nippon Carbon graphite electrode
to Dongbu steel
2010The order of steel-manufacture equipment,
such as a 100t electric furnace for steel is received from
2012The Back Up Roll of Doosan Heavy Industry is supplied to
Nakayama Steel Works
The order of Seed Vault is received from Korea National Arboretum
2013The Joint of a Sumisho Steel Pipes supplied to POSCO
The Electrode for Electric Furnace supplied to JFE Steel
2014The order of Scarfing Machine is received from Hyundai Steel
The order of Faittron is received from National Institute
of Crop Science and National Institute of Horticultural
and Herbal Science
2015The Electrofused Refractory is supplied to Tokyo Steel
2016The Bucket Wheel is supplied to JFE-Steel
2017The order of Graphite Electrode is received from Tokyo Steel
2018The order of Water Cooled Cable for LF is received from Tokyo Steel
2019The order of Bucket Wheel is received from JFE Steel
2020The order of Welding Equipment is received from KG Donhbu
2021The order of NT Roll is received from Hyundai Steel